Cabin Spacey
Minimal House

From 74.500 EUR excl. VAT

A comfy, high-quality wooden body, panoramic windows and a fully integrated daylight bathroom are characteristic of a Cabin Spacey. Different equipment packages allow you to customize the Minimal House for your own project.

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Cabin Spacey
All inclusive Set

84.900,00 € excl. VAT

Set consisting of The Cabin + Pack 1A + 1B + 1C + 2

The Cabin Spacey All inclusive Set offers minimalist luxury in the form of a daylight bathroom, a cosy bed, a cabin-tailored kitchenette and a maximum of storage space.

Dimensions (WxLxH): 3,50 x 10 x 3,70m

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Cabin Spacey All inclusive Ausstattungspaket

Adapt Cabin Spacey to your needs

The Base

74.500,00 € excl. VAT

We think in functions, not in square meters. A high-quality wooden shell and the daylight bathroom form the basic module of the Cabin Spacey – for more freedom, for a versatile use, for individual furnishing ideas. With additional equipment packages you adapt the house to your own needs.

Dimensions (WxLxH): 3,50 x 10 x 3,70m

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1A | Bed

4.450,00 € excl. VAT

The manufactured bed is your cozy bunk under the stars. It offers adequate comfort and space for two people. A skylight window also allows a beautiful view into the late-night sky.




1B | Breakfast

2.150,00 € excl. VAT

The built-in spruce wood kitchen is tailored to the size of the Cabin Spacey Minimal House. It provides functional storage space for kitchen utensils and the daily cooking experience. Sink and fittings are already integrated.



1C | Household Appliances

1.750,00 € excl. VAT

High-quality household appliances provide more convenience for the cabin life. Carefully selected from our partner network, the appliances are already integrated and functional when moving in.



2 | Space Max

2.050,00 EUR excl. VAT

Utilize space to the max – Add a handcrafted shelf system to the entrance area and storage boxes to the living room.




Cabin Spacey | All inclusive Set

84.900,00* € excl. VAT

Consisting of:
The Base + Pack 1A + 1B + 1C + 2

*Price is not including the costs for transportation, preparation of the property and the installation




Add the extra sparkle


Equip Cabin Spacey Minimal House with the finest selection of sustainable design furniture and the latest smart home tech.

4 | Furniture to Go

Choose unique design pieces from our interior partner network

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5 | Smart Home

Control your home with a smart touch. Pick your favorites.

We simply build houses, not castles.


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Visit the CABIN SPACEY Minimal House on the GSG property at Südkreuz Berlin and explore a new genre of urban housing. Contact us for a personal tour through the house.

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