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We celebrate home as a place that provides us with the same freedom and flexibility like our daily lives do. Therefore we have designed a minimal house that defies the conventions of a rigid housing market. We have reduced the complexity of the construction industry to three important elements: comfort, quality and user experience. We do not think in square meters, we think in features. The Cabin One Minimal House is our concept to shape the life and cohabit of the future.

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Simon Becker
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Andreas Rauch
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Marcel Frank
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Simon Wübbels
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Cabin One designs modular living units with a clear focus on minimalism, design and quality of living, thus enabling flexible living. Each mini house is manufactured in the factory and then delivered to its destination.

You can use a Cabin One for every project: as a home, second home, innovative office, showroom, holiday home or for co-living communities.

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information.

If you already have land and concrete ideas, we can arrange a meeting in the showhouse to talk about your dreams. Start Project

Try out everyday life in a mini house with cabinski Montafon in Austria. Book my cabin >>>

Living as a service is not yet available.


We need 3 weeks to 4 months to get the permission planning for your property, depending on the building authority. From the start of production it takes 3 months until delivery.

We deliver to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Other countries on request.

Currently yes. But we are happy to advise you on which requirements must be met.

Yes, you can choose from different equipment packages.

In a first phone call we want to learn more about you and your project. Then we create an individual offer and start with the approval planning for your property.

We, as your architects, get you quotes and recommend companies. You have to award the contracts and pay for the costs.

The house can be assembled individually like a kit. A minimalist shell and the bathroom form the basis. You can add different equipment packages or you can complete the interior construction on your own.


The price starts from 74.500,00 €. Download price >>> list for further information about the equipment and technical details.

Cabin One can be transported as one unit and set up by crane on the property.

Minimal houses from Cabin One are available in different sizes and are therefore suitable for every idea. The smallest model has a gross floor area of 21sqm and is designed for 1-2 persons.

Please visit our shop for technical details. Visit shop >>>

The house must be connected to the existing infrastructure and is only partially self-sufficient. A PV-plant covers 60% of the energy requirement.

The Cabin One can be set up on spot footing, strip or screw foundations.

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